Eel Y. Chang -- "Our GOAT"


Men's Lacrosse


WLC runs a Men's Lacrosse Program, which began as 'pick-up games' organized on Roosevelt field after work in the summer.  As the popularity grew, Dave LiSooey formed the 'Blue Devil Lacrosse Club', in part, so that he could make a field request as a representative of an official organization.  Since 2007 we have been playing on Houlihan field from June until Thanksgiving one evening per week.  Since BDLC merged into WLC, the Westfield Lacrosse Club now handles player registration with US Lacrosse, schedules, and field notifications.

We play full field and all regulation rules except no body checking - everyone has to go to work the next day.  There is a registration fee, which covers the cost of a pinnie and our field usage fees due to the town of Westfield.  Registration typically opens in April or May and sells out quickly.  Since 2009 the program has been sold out and we have difficulty getting additional field time.  Attrition is low so to join the program you need to know someone and get recommended.

Many of the same guys also play(ed) in the "Old Dog" league at ISP (Indoor Sports Pavilion) in Randolph in the winter.  Some also play in masters tournaments out in Vail, Florida, and Toronto.

November-2013 Shipley Tournament WinnersShipley Champs


  • Dave LiSooey: Pinnie procurement & distribution, organizing tournaments, coordination with other towns., 908-966-9111
  • Hugh McGuire: Communications & scheduling (Team page bulletins, broadcasts – notification of games, rain-outs, and other matters).