BOYS -- The 4th-8th grade boys play in the North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League Rules.  The league rules are located at :  https://www.njlacrosse.com/rules.


    • Penalties in youth lacrosse are releasable OR non-releasable.
    •  All penalties are “STOP” time even in running time games.
    • One-handed checks will now be allowed for 7th & 8th grade (but NOT for 6th grade and below).
      Officials will be advised to call slashes on any one-handed checks that don’t cleanly make legal
    • 2022 and earlier Gait “D model” stick heads are illegal
    • Penalties in 3rd & 4th grades:
      • In 7 v 7 games, the player committing penalty is removed from field (and serves penalty).
        Replacement player may enter the field, from the box, upon restart of game. The offended
        team starts with the ball on their offensive half of the field. An additional pass is NOT
        required before a shot can be taken. (Note: Currently, the replacement player enters the
        field prior to the restart of the game).
      • In 4th grade 10 v 10 games, standard man-up/man-down will now apply (Note: Previously
        man-up/man-down didn’t start until 5th grade).
      • Player Ejections: Any 8th grade player who is ejected from two or more games during the season for unsportsmanlike conduct is no longer eligible to participate in the NJJLL All-Stars event at the end of the season.
      • Coach Ejections:
        • A coach who is ejected from a game must leave the premises immediately. Any ejected coach who approaches an official, either on the field, in the parking lot, or otherwise, to argue or dispute their ejection, will be subject to additional penalties as deemed appropriate
          by the league board.
        • Any coach who touches an official in an aggressive or threatening manner will be
          permanently suspended from the league

GIRLS -- The girls play within the Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association.  The rules for the league can be found at: https://jerseygirlslacrosse.com/about-jgla/rules-guidelines/jgla-usl-rules/.