To teach kids to honor and love the game.

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Outside Programs                                                                                                        

Below is a list of independent clubs and training in the area that Westfield Boys are playing with, Click on the links below for more information on each.

The Westfield Lacrosse Club board and it's coaches expect players to prioritize their Westfield team in the Spring Season over any and all outside programs.



3D Garden State : Run by Patrick Tuohy (Defensive Coordinator, Stevens Institute of Technology) with the goal of player development, and getting players exposure to colleges while helping them with the recruiting process as they move forward with their career. 3D Garden State believes in sharpening players minds, body, and spirit.


Blue Star Lacrosse

***this program is not affiliated with the Westfield Lacrosse Club*** the Westfield high school coaching staff is running a team out of Westfield, The Blue Star Devil. It’s for 3-8th grade and they are having clinics the next few weeks, where they will evaluate players for the club. Westfield alum from the Denver Outlaws Chris and Pat Aslanian will be there with many others. 


Patriot Lacrosse

Fall Leagues, Winter Training, Summer Elite Travel Teams


BBL Headquarters (Formally Copper Springs)
230 New Vernon Road, Gillette, NJ










Upper Level                                                                                                                      


The outside program information listed is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate - contact the provider to get details.