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Westfield Lacrosse Club Practice/Game Protocols (as of 9/24/21)

  • Overall WLC Safety Protocols
    • We ask that all members review the WLC Covid Preparation plan at on the WLC website.  The plan and the protocols outlined are established for WLC, Coach, Parent & Player and are subject to change.
    • If you have any questions regarding this plan, please email the WLC Board at  .  
    • The WLC has conducted a MANDATORY Coaching Clinics prior to the season start- no WLC Hired or Volunteer Coach will be permitted to start the season without going through the training session.  If you plan on coaching and have not seen the clinic, please email and we will provide you with a link to view the clinic.
  • WLC Travel Policies -- 
    • There are no current travel restrictions.
  • WLC Suspected/Positive COVID-19 Infection Protocol
    • Should a team member or coach test positive for COVID-19, WLC will require all team members to stay away from all WLC sponsored activities for a period of ten (10) days after last exposure and being asymptomatic or until cleared by their physician to resume activities.
    • Should a team member or coach be in close contact (or is notified by a public health official that they were a close contact) with a person who tests positive for COVID-19, the person shall be instructed to stay away from all WLC sponsored activities for a period of ten (10) days and remain asymptomatic.  The person may return to WLC activities after seven (7) days from the date of close contact if they obtain a negative PCR test result that was taken 3-5 days after the exposure to the COVID-19 positive individual. 
    • Should WLC become aware of a suspected/positive COVID-19 infection of one of its coaches or players, WLC Protocol requires the most-recent opposing team to be notified of potential exposure, as soon as possible
    • The Covid-19 Infection Protocols are subject to modification as CDC Guidance is changed.
    • If you/participant are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, you should not attend any practice/event/game until you have received the results from any pending Covid-19 test(s).
  • WLC Protocols on Face Mask Conduct
    • Masks are encouraged for coaches, participants and parents/spectators if social distancing cannot be maintained (or where a facility so requires). 
  • WLC Field Protocols
    • Home Games:  Consistent with the State of New Jersey's guidelines and the Township of Westfield, spectators (upto 200 people) are permitted on Township Fields (Sid Fey/Houlihan) for Home Games.  With regard to Board of Education fields, no more than two (2) parents/guardians are permitted per family.  Masks must be worn on the sidelines.  No players or spectators (where applicable) will be permitted on the field of play until the prior game has concluded and the field is vacated.  Arrival times will be provided by the Coach/Team Manager and must be strictly adhered to. 
    • Away Games -- For away games WLC requires its coaches, players & spectators to abide by the protocols established by the away team.  If spectators are permitted, there should be no more than two (2) parents/guardians  per player attending the game unless otherwise directed.  Masks must be worn on the sidelines. 
  • Practice/Game Day Procedures at All Fields:
    • Limit the use of carpools or van pools.  When riding in an automobile to a practice/game/event, WLC encourages players to ride in a vehicle with persons living in their same household.
    • At Sid Fey/Houlihan, players are to lineup to enter the field on the Lamberts Mill Road Gate.  Your coaches will check your health questionnaire and permit you to enter the field of play.  Parents/spectators/players are not permitted to enter the field of play until directed to do so by your coach.  Pickup will be at the gate nearest the train tracks so that new players may enter the field for their practice event.
    • Players may bring their bags into the field of play area.  Water bottles may be brought onto the field.  If a player needs to bring a small bag to carry personal medical or other products to the field, the small bag may be brought onto the field of play to carry those items.  
    • At school/grass fields, players/parents/spectators should line up at field entrance.  Your coaches will check your health questionnaire and permit you to enter the field of play.  Parents/players are not permitted to enter the field of play until directed to do so by your coach.  Pickup will be at the same gate.
  • Inside the field of play
    • For games, the teams will setup on opposite sides of the field from one another.  When permitted, spectators must bring their own chairs as they will not be permitted to sit on bleachers behind teams.  Spectators shall not interact with players during game play.
    • In order to facilitate expedited entrance/exit between games, post­game discussions between Trainers/Coaches and Players will not be permitted and both teams are required to leave the field of play, as soon as possible wearing proper face mask/covering, to maintain the game day schedule.  If available at a particular facility, teams may use the grassy areas near the parking lots as long as they can socially distance from the other teams. 
    • There should be no spitting, high fives or other contact between the players inside the field of play.