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NJ Junior Girls Lacrosse League Rules

See: for further explanation and examples.

The league follows the current rules as established by US Lacrosse, as modified below for NJJGLL. These rules are written with the safety of all players being of utmost importance.  Girls lacrosse should be fun, challenging and safe.  To that end, the umpires shall have the authority to penalize any foul, unsafe play, or unacceptable behavior not covered specifically in these rules.  Play should be as continuous as possible, and any foul which does not gain an advantage for the offender or her team should result in a “held” whistle whenever possible.

US Lacrosse Rule Changes for the 2009 Season

Following is a summary of recent changes/emphasis points.  Please see the above link for details.

  • Pocket rule: At 3/4 Grade level ball may sit lower so that half of the ball is visible from the lower sidewall (deeper pocket to facilitate learning to catch and throw).  For all higher grades, the regulation pocket is required (be able to see some ball above the top sidewall when holding stick at eye level looking across the top of the stick held flat, ball rolls freely).
  • Minimum pass rule: eliminated for grades 5-8.  2-pass rule for 3/4 grade - to encourage team play.
  • Sideline Manager (like S.A.G.E. in soccer) required.
  • Checking: 3/4 grade: None.  Modified stick check at 5 - 8 (when entire stick is below the shoulders).  Any check to the head in a "FC" (full checking, Development teams only) is a mandatory red card.
  • Cards: Players receiving a yellow card must leave the field for three minutes of elapsed playing time and no sub may take her place during that time.  A player receiving a second yellow card is ejected for the remainder of that game and no sub may take per place for three minutes.  Players or coaches who receive a red card are ejected for the remainder of that game, no sub for three minutes, and are prohibited from the next game.  The three minutes is not releasable, i.e. even over half time or a goal.
See NJJGLL website for full explanation and details.

General rule reminders/emphasis points:
  • Checking must be away from the opponents body.  It must be a check and release - immediately bringing the crosse away from the opponent after contact with the head of the opponent's crosse.
  • Girls cannot kick the ball (boys can)
  • Inside the 8 meter area, defender must be within a stick length of attacker.  If inside and not covering an attacker for three seconds a foul is called.  The 8 meter arc line counts as in, girls must have feet outside the line if not covering someone.
  • Three seconds closely guarded (good defense): No holding the ball for more than three seconds when a defender has two hands on her stick, is within a stick length, and is in checkable position (in front of or on same side as stick).  Note can't reach across opposite side - that's not legally checkable position.