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Please follow the link (at top right) to register all boys and girls for the 2022 lacrosse season. All players will be directed to the USA Lacosse website to register and get a USA Lax number needed for registration.  

PRACTICE TIMES ARE IN THE SCHEDULE. Find your team per link above to find your team's schedule. Games are still being added.



Boys: Grades 2-4 will receive pinnies on their first day. Grades 5-8 received pinnies in the fall at tryouts and will need to order uniforms, via a link provided in email to parents.  For thoese who missed tryouts you will get a pinnie at Practice and we have extra game uniforms.  Just let your coach know!

Girls: All grades will receive pinnies on their first day.  Grade 3 will need to order a new uniform via a link to be provided in email to parents.  Grades 4-8 may use uniform from last year, but may also order new uniform via a link to be provided in email to parents.

IF YOU DID NOT GET A LINK TO ORDER A UNIFORM (boys grades 5-8 and girls 3-8) it is likely because you did not register yet.  

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any questions to Natalia Goldman at


Commitment Policy

 (Applies to all 2nd through 8th Grade Programs -- boys and girls)

*Outside Club Lacrosse Programs: The Westfield Lacrosse Club ("WLC") and our coaching staffs are very aware of the increasing demands from Club lacrosse programs during the spring season. WLC offers a great overall experience as well as preparation for playing at the High School level.  WLC has proven this year in and year out by feeding the numerous club teams in our area with many of their best players. Because of the commitment the board, coaching staff, your fellow players and parents make to achieve success each season, WLC expects a prioritization of Westfield lacrosse over that of your club teams.  In an effort to maintain that prioritization of our program, WLC has a longstanding escalating 3 strike policy during the WLC spring season.  This applies to missed practices and missed games:

Strike 1) Miss 1 WLC event for a club lacrosse event = loss of play for the next WLC game.
Strike 2) Miss 2 WLC events for a club lacrosse events = loss of play for the next 2 WLC games.
Strike 3) Miss 3 WLC events = loss of position on our travel roster.

Our goal is to have a clearly enforceable policy so please let us know if you have any questions. This policy applies to Club Lacrosse. If you have conflicts with other non-Spring sports, we also expect you to make the WLC your spring season priority.


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